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29 August 2012

Pantyhose/Tights - Comfort or Torture???

Pantyhose, nowadays, seems to be the bane of a modern woman's existence. Women probably can't wait to rip off their pantyhose the moment they step into their home.

Some women feel that pantyhose are a punishment from medieval times. So who wouldwillingly don these incomparably constricting tubes of torture if they didn't have to?

Apparently, guys would. Truck drivers. Construction workers. Landscape guys. Even cowboys! These men knows the benefits of wearing support pantyhose or hosiery (a more common name, which sounds better then mantyhose).

It seems pantyhose for men are all the rage in Europe, and have been for quite a few years, but now the trend has spread to the U.S. in an effort to win converts here. In fact, there's a website out there dedicated to all things pantyhose: E-Mancipate.net was created as "a project to accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item." It even has a page dedicated to teaching men (are applicable to women as well) how to don their pantyhose.

The guys who wear pantyhose claim they do so for support, warmth, circulation and comfort. Yes for comfort. I know the ladies would probably be screaming at the top of their voice ... COMFORT?!?! To the ladies, the pantyhose is probably a necessary evil, maybe. Warm, perhaps. (And they do make a skirt and boots look cute together.) But comfortable? Uh uh. They sag. They bunch. They itch. They snag. They run after they snag. They pinch. They twist. They keep scooting down a good several inches away from your nether regions when they should be snug up against them.

I think that's probably because the women wear either poor quality pantyhose or they got the wrong size. As a wearer of pantyhose, when the size is right, the fit is right ... there is no sagging at all !! Good quality pantyhose are very comfortable as they do not itch and glide well under clothes.

So men, you have legs too. Support pantyhose gives your legs the support needed for better blood circulation to prevent varicose veins and other veinous problems. At the same time, it provides warmth in cooler weather. So don your support pantyhose for better leg health, or for just nicer looking legs.

22 August 2012

Support Pantyhose on TV ... for MEN.

Here's the video. Way to go, Steve !!!!

Men, if you want better leg health, wear support hosiery/legwear, especially if you stand or sit for long hours. Don't wait till you have blood circulation problems to start wearing support hosiery/legwear. Start now to prevent it.  

Make it a part of your wardrobe and part of your own fashion.  Wear them with shorts, bermudas or long pants.  

Support Hosiery are good for your legs

Varicose veins — which often appear as blue or dark purple linear bulges on the legs or lower body — occur when faulty valves in the veins impair blood circulation. Very often, people will think that vericose veins is just cosmetic problem. However, that may not be true. 

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs when blood circulation in the leg's deeper veins is blocked, causing blood clots. The clots restrict blood circulation and are potentially fatal if they move towards the heart or lungs. 

The thing is ... vericose veins or DVT could happen to both men and women. However, there are tips on how you can reduce your risk of developing varicose veins:

• Wearing graduated compression/support pantyhose/tights/stockings may help prevent vericose veins by improving blood circulation in the legs.
• If you need to stand or sit for long periods of time, make sure you get up and walk around every half hour to work out your calf muscles. 
• If you must stand for long hours, tip-toe around to help improve circulation.
• Tight clothing, especially those that constrict the thighs, is bad for circulation. So are high heels. • But if you can't bear to give up your heels, wear them only for special occasions instead of all the time.
• Try not to cross your legs too much when sitting.
• A lifestyle involving regular exercise and a balanced diet will help.

Why wait till you have vericose veins to start wearing support pantyhose/stockings? You should wear support pantyhose/stockings to prevent it from developing in the first place, especially if you stand or sit for long hours. Even the men should wear support hosiery. 

The details of an article on vericose veins can be found here: even the doctors advise wearing support hosiery to prevent vericose veins. 


21 August 2012

Men's new fashion - tights and leggings

As you know, menswear has always been about pants, bermuda shorts, shirts, jackets, etc. What caught my eyes, was what was on the legs of the male models.

The male models were wearing LEGGINGS !!! It also seems to pair very well with knee-length bermudas as well.
I must say ... the fashion world is definitely evolving and it seems that leggings and other legwear will soon be making their way into the men's wardrobe.

It may be time to stock up on some leggings and even hosiery (be it male or female pantyhoses, whichever you find more fitting). For a start, maybe get some leggings in the basic colours, like black, grey or brown. For the more adventurous, perhaps brighter colours, like red, purple, etc.

Who says tights, leggings and any other hosiery are for ladies only.  

Legwear Fashion - Pictures of Models in Leggings

Some pictures of another type of legwear ... Leggings!!!

20 August 2012

Pantyhose Review - Levante Body Profile

This is a Satin soft tight with longline slimmer brief in 30 Denier appearance. The hose feels very soft to the touch when taken out from the packaging. 

This collection contours and tones the body whilst providing genuine support where it is most needed. The slimmer brief effective reduced the waist by up to 1 inch. The hips and butt also looked and feel firmer in this pantyhose. I must also say that the butt is also lifted and rounder when wearing the hose. 

The legs are smooth and has graduated compression to help keep legs from feeling tired. Toes are reinforced for better durability.

I have tried these before and they are one of my favourites. 

Sizing is quite accurate, based on the size chart.

19 August 2012

Varicose Veins

Those blue bulging veins which protrude from the skin, usually on the legs and thighs are called varicose veins. Spider veins look like short, fine lines, "starburst" clusters, or a web-like maze. Spider veins usually appear on the face, thighs, ankles, and feet. While all of the causes of varicose and spider veins are not understood.
The basic problem is that veins usually in the lower part of the body become engorged when blood does not circulate properly. The absence or weakness of valves in the veins, which prevent the backward flow of blood away from the heart, may cause poor circulation. In other cases, weaknesses in the vein walls may cause the pooling of the blood.
Varicose veins are more common in women, though men can also develop them. You may feel better if you avoid standing/sitting for long periods of time. Try to stay off your feet as much as possible and sit with your legs raised. Taking regular walks, and resting with your feet elevated, may improve circulation and reduce symptoms.
Wearing support hose is a good way to provide support for the veins. If you have them, put them in the morning upon rising before blood and fluid have pooled in your feet and ankles.Varicose and spider veins are usually just annoying, and don't have to be treated unless you are bothered by your appearance, or the symptoms associated with them. 

I would not wait till I have varicose veins before I start wearing support pantyhose. I rather start wearing support pantyhose now (coupled with regular exercise) to prevent varicose veins.

16 August 2012

Compression or Support Hosiery/Pantyhose

What is a compression/support pantyhose and how does it work?
The heart in the body forces blood away from the heart pump into the arteries and veins. Arteries carry the blood away from the heart while the veins return the blood to the heart. The veins has valves that open to allow blood to flow back to the heart and close to prevent blood flowing backward. When the valves are overworked and not closing normally, the circulation problems begin. The compression/support hose works like an external pump to assist the valves by closing it normally.

Did you think that compression/support hosiery is not for you?
Compression/Support pantyhoses are for everyone! Compression/Support hose is available for men and women in a large variety, styles and colors. Lighter graduated compressions hose will keep your legs feeling healthy and energetic all day by stimulating blood circulation. Medium to strong compression hose are for prevention and therapy of varicose veins, venous diseases and cellulite. And I stress the word prevention. 

Graduated compression support hose and compression hosiery are the medically-accepted way to relieve minor leg pain related to swelling, venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins or other conditions.

Compression support hosiery works in a way that causes external compression to apply controlled pressure to the skin. This then supports the superficial venous system, helping to reduce the increased hydrostatic pressure and redress the balance between the deep and superficial veins. This helps in reducing edema and aiding venous return. 

So guys and gals, if you want to have healthy looking legs (less the vericose veins), wear your compression or support pantyhose regularly. Guys ... do not be afraid to wear your hose openly. Men used to wear hose in the early centuries and those are definitely more uncomfortable than the pantyhoses available today.

Healthy Legs

Leg vitality starts with healthy legs. When the system of muscles, veins, and valves in your leg and foot becomes weak it disrupts normal blood circulation. This means blood flow in your legs gives in to gravity and pools in veins and valves and will cause varicose or spider veins which is not only unattractive but also will make your legs feel heavy, tired and achy.

Simply wearing graduated compression/support hosiery regularly does wonders to help legs stay healthy, vital and supple. Of course, coupled with sensible diet.Exercise helps boosts your leg muscles, which helps your veins pump blood. Make regular workouts part of your weekly routine. A brisk walk (especially while wearing your compression hose) will go a long way toward improving your leg's overall health and beauty.

If you sit for a long time like when flying or on long car trips, stand up and walk around every 2 hours or so.Wearing graduated compression stockings will help blood circulation even while sitting. If you stand for long periods sit down periodically. If you lie down elevate your legs above the level of your heart whenever possible.

When circulation in your legs is kept healthy, you will not only look great on the outside, you will glow on the inside as well. Remember, take good care of your legs and it will take great care of you.

So men ... start wearing support pantyhose (female or male pantyhose, your choice) to maintain healthy legs. Step by step, we can change the society's perception that pantyhose are only for women (who in recent years, hates to wear pantyhose).

14 August 2012

Pantyhose - Once reserved for women, now men are wearing them

What makes pantyhose so popular is the fact that over these years, they have become a rage for even some men who’ve tried wearing them and were left smitten by its charm.Lately for women, pantyhoses no longer feature in their formal wear. Women are opting to go bare-legged as they feel that pantyhoses are uncomfortable and hot. However,opaque pantyhoses or tights seem to be making a come back, and yet they do not complain that tights are hot and uncomfortable.

The fashion tights lend an extra dose of feminism to women. There is a variety of patterns and colours to choose from. You can have a problem settling for your ideal style statement but you can’t complain of the lack of variety.

Contrary to the popular belief, pantyhoses are not just for women. Men, particularly comfort-conscious men, are increasingly more comfortable wearing the soft undergarments and shorts that are often associated with women. The comfort satin-like feeling not only put the men at ease, even medically, pantyhose have reported tremendous positive reviews.

According to studies, men working long hours standing or sitting at a particular place have reported reduced leg pain, swelling and fatigue. Even the coaches are recommending sportsmen, like athletes, cyclists, fliers and swimmers, to wear tight fitting hosiery to assist them in their sport. Some footballers have worn pantyhose in cold weather to great effect. Pantyhose, it is believed, provides comfortable warmth to athletes better than the thermal underwear (long johns).

In fact, men wearing pantyhose has a rich historical significance as the European aristocracy was widely known to wear pantyhose. And the modern generation has taken this tradition forward and tried to remove the stigma attached to men wearing hosiery.

The soft-n-silky tights/pantyhoses, no doubt, lend an alluring charm to the overall personality of women. A confident woman wearing sexy pantyhose has the world at her feet. And a confident man wearing pantyhose to benefit his body comfort spreads a magnetic charm that is completely unparalleled.


A suitable leg-wear (pantyhose/tights, leggings, etc) is for everyone irrespective of age and sex.