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20 September 2012

When to recommend men to wear support tights/hosiery/pantyhose?

Men, who have a need for the leg support benefits (eg. DVT symptoms, medical conditions), should wear them just about all the time.  It's important that support legwear be put on as soon as you arise in the morning, before leg tissue begins to swell and blood begins pooling.  When one finds a comfortable style to wear, this presents no problem however.  The relief from discomfort provided will feel so good that most men will look forward to donning their support hose in the morning and leaving them on all day. 

Sports activity and outdoor recreation, where support for leg muscles are needed, are also occasions for wearing support tights or pantyhose.  Furthermore, sporting tights usually cost so much more than support tights/pantyhose.  

Men, who wear medical-grade compression hosiery will tend to wear them under long pants, due to the unattractive appearance of the medical-grade compression hosiery.  The non-medical grade, support hosiery (like the ones from Solidea or ActivSkin) are much less noticeable and provides a subtle appearance that easily blends in with the skin.  Though Solidea are marketed more for women.  Many men wear them  with shorts or even with 3/4 capri pants when weather permits.  Wearing support hose with 3/4 pants or shorts is actually quite suitable for hot-weathered places.  With 3/4 pants or shorts, wearing skin coloured support hosiery is actually not very noticeable.  Either people are not observant to see them, or they just bother to see.  Of course, the more adventurous men would wear hose in other colours like black, brown, etc.

Admittedly, it is still fairly rare to see a guy wearing shorts with his hose.  However, this is changing rapidly.  More blogs and discussion groups are popping up on the internet to document this trend.

I myself wear sheer support hosiery with shorts on a regular basis, like going to top-up petrol, watching movies (great for keeping legs warm in the cinemas). Even wear them when I exercise (at home though).

The barrier has been broken some time ago for men wearing tights, with all the running and cycling wear to be found in any sporting goods store.  NBA players have worn them in games, as well as football players in practices.  It's not difficult to imagine them blending into general use a few years down the road.  Legwear could one day be as fashionable as the green movement is today.

12 September 2012

How to dry your tights/pantyhose faster?

Ever wished that your tights/pantyhose would dry faster, especially if you are on an overseas trip? If you ha an hotel room and there's a heater in the room during Fall/Winter, then you are lucky. What if there isn't a heater in the room?

One way I found to be quite useful is to use a thick bath towel. Those that the hotel provided are good enough.

First, you would wash your tights/hosiery as you would normally do. By hand and with warm water, with a little travel wash. Before you hand those clean, soaking wet tights over the clothes line over the bath tub, get hold of a bath towel.

What you want to do is to lay the tights/pantyhose flat on the bath towel. Then roll the bath towel with thepantyhose/tights in it. Then give the rolled up bath towel a good wring to squeeze the water out of the pantyhose/tights. Then hang the hose on the clothes line over the bath tub.

Amazingly, the tights/pantyhose would be dry the next morning or within the next 12 hours, without the use of the heater!! Works for me every time.